Mizan Therapy uses traditional techniques to restore balance to life through gentle non-invasive massage bringing healing, health and wellbeing to women of all ages. Mizan benefits your physical health, restoring circulation and lymphatic drainage by relieving congestion and blockages around the womb-space.

Symptoms that may benefit from Mizan include:  

  • Painful menstruation                                                    

  • Miscarriages, difficult pregnancies, premature births

  • Painful intercourse

  • Bladder or yeast infections

  • Crohn’s disease

  • IBS

  • Chronic constipation

  • Digestion

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Pelvic congestion, pain

  • Headaches, migraines

  • Low energy

  • Low back ache

  • Urinary system problems

  • Peri-menopause and menopause symptoms

  • Dark, thick blood at the beginning or end of menses

  • Clots during menses

  • Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

  • PMS, PMT, depression

  • Painful ovulation

  • Failure to ovulate

  • Endometriosis

  • Fibroids or polyps

  • Fertility problems