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Mizan benefits your physical health, restoring circulation and lymphatic drainage by relieving congestion and blockages around the womb-space.


Mizan uses traditional healing techniques to address conditions involving female reproductive organs, the digestive system as well as emotional health. These techniques are still commonly used in many parts of the world from from South America to the Far East to support women’s health. It is a gentle massage treatment that brings healing to the womb space and optimises women's health and well-being on both physical and emotional levels.


Symptoms that may benefit from Mizan include:  

Painful menstruation                                                                       

Low back ache

Miscarriages, difficult pregnancies, premature births                             

Urinary system problems

Painful intercourse                                                                         

Peri-menopause and menopause  

Bladder or yeast infections                                                                 

Dark, thick blood during menses 

Crohn’s disease                                                                               

Clots during menses                           


Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

Chronic constipation                                                                         

PMS, PMT, depression


Painful ovulation

Ovarian cysts                                                                                   

Failure to ovulate 

Pelvic congestion, pain                                                                     


Headaches, migraines                                                                       

Fibroids or polyps

Low energy                                                                                     

Fertility problems

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